BrewDog has raised a swift £500,000 by selling shares in the company via its website.

The ‘Equity for Punks’ scheme has created 90,000 shares available to buy in £95 packages. Prospective buyers can download a prospectus from the company’s website and purchase the £95 packages online. It is the only share sale in the UK operating via a simple ecommerce website.

“We are completely overwhelmed with the results so far” said BrewDog co-founder, James Watt. “We thought it was a mistake when told over half a million pounds worth of shares had been bought in just two days.

“This scheme is an opportunity for everyone to show there is a different way; a better way. This is Punk Rock to the banks’ Celine Dion.”

BrewDog raised £750,000 through a similar project in 2009. It has since experienced 250% sales increase for the past two years is now Scotland’s largest independent brewery. Turnover for 2011 should hit £6.5m. 

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