Rod Addy
Britvic has unveiled an ambitious promotional strategy which it claims could add up to £100m in extra sales next year.
If successful, the drinks giant's turnover would jump more than 17% from the 2001 level of £571m.
Category director Andrew Marsden said: "There are six pillars to what we're calling our Right Choice strategy. They include encouraging consumers to trade up to larger packs and persuading them to make more top-up purchases."
Marsden said the strategy would also focus on positioning its soft drinks so that mothers and children would purchase every time they shopped. In the growing adult drinks market the company will increase its push on products such as Amé, Purdeys and Aqua Libra and in the children's market attention will be given to drinks such as Robinsons Fruit Shoots.
"We will look at repertoire-building, targeting mums and persuading them to widen the range of drinks they buy, based on the needs of different family members.
"The whole strategy could give us as much as £100m in extra sales, although it is more likely to generate nearer £50m," said Marsden.
Britvic will work with retailers to move away from price-cutting and into incremental category growth, helped by increased new product development.
In addition, customer profiling will be less rigid. "People can make several weekly shops each time in a different capacity ­ once as a mum, another time as a worker and again as a woman. Retailers should stop boxing people into one category," he added.