National lottery sales have fallen 5.5% over the past year and operator Camelot is to launch a number of new games to boost sales and raise money for the Olympics should London win the bid to host the games in 2012.

Camelot chief executive Diane Thompson said: “Our central focus now is to accelerate the expansion of our games portfolio, launching a whole series of exciting new games.

“International experience shows that this is the only way to counter falling sales of the main Lotto game, and it is a challenge we will tackle with relish."

A daily game will launch in Autumn 2003, with six draws a week and prizes from £5 to £60,000.

Lotto maindraw tickets will be available online from winter 2003 and on Sky active from early 2004.

From next year weekly draw with cash prizes between £20 and £200,000 and a twice-yearly 'Olympic Mega Draw' are among other moves designed to raise £750m towards staging the Olympics. However, London will not find out if its bid has been successful until 2005.

And a European game jackpot held in conjunction with French and Spanish lottery games will have jackpots of up to £30m, if regulators give it the go-ahead.

Camelot predicts the main Lotto draw will only account for 49% of overall sales by 2005, with other games taking its place. At present the main draw makes up 74% of all sales.

Camelot has pledged a £1.5bn contribution towards staging the Olympics in London in 2012 and a further £750m would be drawn from other lottery funds.