from Colin Harper, MD, Storecheck Marketing

Sir; Following your well rounded article ‘In-store TV: will it prove a turn-off?’ (The Grocer, June 25, p32), I note a letter from Paul Monk (‘TV is just one part of the in-store mix’, Comment, The Grocer, July 2, p27).
Predictably, given the investment, those companies with a stake in the future of TV in-store are able to produce figures that support the return from television. TV is easily able to exploit the weakness of existing point of purchase by properly making a return on investment case, in an area where only a vacuum currently exists. The problem is that no-one has been interested enough in “plain old cardboard” to measure the relative impact.
We have found that well designed, current PoP, placed close to the product can deliver huge uplifts.
Producers of cardboard and plastic PoP need to take on board they are competing in a much bigger area than before. Essentially, prove you work, or follow the dodo into folklore.