Easter will see the arrival of The Big One for Landmark cash & carry customers ­ a promotional drive that promises to crack open holiday trading profits. The promotion will run for six weeks from April 17 to May 27 and consists of product discounts with marketing support. Marketing director Ron Colley said the results from a similar promotion trialled at the beginning of the year in Scotland revealed a marked improvement in sales. Some retailers saw turnover increase by as much as 227% during the five week trial period, said Colley. "It's an explosive promotion for retailers and their customers. Retailers benefit both from the product discounts themselves and by building a better relationship with customers," he said. The promotion is available nationally and includes discounts on 32 Landmark branded products ­ including Lifestyle grocery and Spectra drinks brands ­ as well as a weekly selection of six extra deals. Retailers also receive a merchandising pack with support material including 300 leaflets which retailers can personalise and distribute to local customers; a template for a local press advertisement; a Lifestyle logo to display in store; two large window bills; and a selection of shelf cards and wobblers. Landmark is supporting the campaign with regional radio and local press advertising in selected areas. {{NEWS }}