The roll-out of chip & PIN is causing chaos among some independent retailers as they battle with problems over data processing.
In particular, independents working with Girobank on chip & PIN transactions have reported difficulties since it passed over management of transaction processing to EuroConex.
The problems have mainly involved confusion of information on credit and debit card transactions. The Grocer has learned of serious backlogs of data lasting several weeks.
John Cox, MD of The Grocer Top 50 chain Rusts, based in Swindon, said its relationship with EuroConex had become frayed. “Data processing has become a complete mess. They keep losing transactions. On top of that, they have been unable to deliver the transaction reports and breakdowns we need for two months, making the whole thing impossible to reconcile.”
The head of another Top 50 retailer informed The Grocer of similar difficulties. “We have been experiencing backlogs of six weeks on transaction data,” he said.
Other Top 50 members have referred to delays in installing chip & PIN systems due to EPoS providers dragging their heels. And other retailers have spoken
of problems with chip & PIN terminals locking up, rejecting transactions and being very slow to use.
John Crowley, programme director for international payment processor EuroConex, based in Eire, admitted there had been problems.
He attributed them to the transition of data processing from Alliance & Leicester to EuroConex, a process which began on April 1.
“Any issues which have been raised have been caused in that context. We have had initial teething difficulties around the timing or posting of some transactions,” he said.
“We’re working to address them as quickly as possible on an individual merchant basis.”
Crowley said that the company had a dedicated 24-hour troubleshooting team that was in constant communication with retailers and added that all problems were being treated with the utmost seriousness.
Rod Addy