Enduring toilet care brand Bloo is being rolled out in yet another format, marking a flurry of activity for the old timer this year. During the summer, Jeyes broke with the tradition of only producing Bloo in-cistern blocks when it launched a Liquid Toilet Cleaner under the well known brand. Now it is giving the line a further extension with Solid Rim Blocks in Crystal Clear Tropical Sunshine and Crystal Clear Tropical Water fragrances. Available to the trade as complete packs in display trays of 12 or refill twin packs in trays of 15, recommended pricing has been set at 99p for the com-plete unit and £1.29 for the refills. Jeyes said the newcomer would benefit from ongoing advertising for the Bloo brand until the end of the year, while additional spending has already been pencilled in for 2002. {{P&P }}