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Frozen foods continue to enjoy high levels of consumer approval in the categories where they excel and where there is a genuine meal need. Undoubtedly frozen foods suffer from being at the end of the average shop.
Consumers often don’t notice or are wary of products new to frozen, but if the food is already part of their routine, they will scan new recipes and formats, with price promotions a key driver of awareness.
Foods that fall into this repertoire are key stand-by items such as frozen desserts, vegetables, pizza and prepared fish and chicken for the family. New products in these categories regularly achieve top ratings, with a high proportion reaching the Top 100 of the most highly rated products in any one year.
Brands are used as a reassurance of quality and reliability, so this category is dominated by big names like Young’s, Birds Eye, Goodfella’s and McCain. The advent of steam cooking in the microwave, straight from the freezer, also struck a chord with the consumer.
An interesting new concept in microwaveable snacks that disappointed only in the amount of filling. Strong appeal for hungry teenagers and men, particularly in the north.

A new name in desserts that proved appropriate for this good value American-style cake. Should sell well, particularly in the north and in the Midlands. Sweet and affordable - the ideal family treat.

The quality of the 100% whole cod used in this children’s product generated a high rating, despite its premium price. A good crumb coating and flaky fish that pleased mums and kids alike.
Consumers stick to familiar lines when it comes to frozen products
Put to the test: three recent launches (maximum score 50)McCain Anytime Naan - Chicken Tikka
Category average: 27
Chicago Town Desserts - Toffee Flavour Fudge Cake Score: 43 Category average: 40
Donegal Catch - Ahoy! Tenders
Category average: 38
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