Why strawberries are consumedStrawberries have exceptional seasonal consumption. 40% are eaten in the summer compared with 25% of other foods. They account for 1.5% of all foods consumed in the summer months
In the last year 619 million meals featured strawberries, an increase of 21% versus 2002 and an increase of 47% on 2003
45.6% are consumed as a dessert at the evening mealStrawberries complement healthy eating occasionsHealth is increasingly important in diets. From 2003 to 2004, there has been an increase of 6.5% in foods consumed for health reasons, with strawberry consumption for these reasons up 79%.
Although the evening meal is key, with 45.6% eaten then, health is a key driver of morning consumption, especially at breakfast. Currently, 10.4% of strawberries are eaten at breakfast, up 132% on last year.
An opportunity could be developed to market strawberries specifically to this occasion - already 5.3% of breakfast cereals are consumed with strawberries.
Older consumers are key to healthy eating, with those aged 35+ an important demographic for strawberry consumption, with 28% eaten by the 65+ age group; strawberries are 50% more likely to be consumed by this age group than any other.
This group has increased its consumption by 11%, but we are also witnessing a strong growth coming from children under five.
There has also been growth in the consumption of fromage frais, crème fraiche, tub desserts and dried fruit with strawberries. Along with other healthy accompaniments, strawberries have the opportunity to expand outside reliance on the evening meal.
Caroline Finn, TNS
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