When apricots are eatennApricots were consumed on 155 million occasions last year, an increase of 26% on the previous year
nBreakfast is the key occasion for apricot consumption, accounting for 48% of occasions
nFemales aged 45+ account for 51% of apricot consumption Health is a key driver for eating apricots at breakfast Some 66% of all apricots consumed are dried and breakfast is a key occasion for consumption.
They are 2.5 times more likely than other fruits to be consumed for breakfast. Apricot consumption at breakfast has grown by 21% year-on-year and 82% consumed at breakfast are eaten with cereals.
Fruit overall is becoming a more popular option at breakfast. Health is a key driver of consumption in the morning, with growing numbers of consumers opting for a healthy start to the day.
Apricots are perceived as being healthier than other fruits: 62% of apricots are consumed because they are healthy, compared with 60% of total fruits. However, despite their strong showing at breakfast, apricots saved their biggest upward surge for teatime, at which consumption has risen 62%.
Teatime is more child-focused than other in-home occasions. The growth of apricot consumption at teatime might reflect the fact that mothers are encouraging their children to consume more fruit.
Children aged 0-10 have increased their consumption of apricots by 116% in the past year. However, they still under-index on apricots compared with other fruit.
Richard Orr, TNS
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