When sausages are eatennIn the past year there were 1.8 billion sausage occasions, a decline of 2.3% on the previous year
nChildren and adult males aged up to 44 account for 45% of consumption
nSome 64% of sausages are consumed at evening meals The sausage is becoming a more upmarket affair Children and men are the key consumers of sausages. Children consume 14% more sausages than their average consumption of other foods, while men aged up to 44 consume 40% more.
Children’s consumption of sausages has, however, declined by 9% on last year.
This could be partly attributed to the increase in health awareness. Food chosen for health reasons has increased by 5% year on year. Among children, the increase has been over 11%.
Consumption increases at the weekend (33% versus an average weekday consumption of 13%). Breakfast accounts for a third of all sausages eaten at the weekend, compared with only 8% being eaten at breakfast on a weekday.
Bread, potatoes, chips and baked beans are the main accompaniments. Baked beans are eaten at 23% of occasions and are in growth.
Currently, most sausages are grilled (43%) or fried (23%), but baking, microwaving and barbecuing are all in growth.
MLC marketing director Richard Lowe says: “The real excitement in the category is in the continued growth of premium ranges, with the arrival of innovative flavours.
“These target perfectly the adult male bias and indeed the sales value of the whole category continues to grow.”
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