Age profile of meat pasty consumersnIn the past year there were 268 million meat pasty occasions
nAdult males account for 53% of pasty consumption
n54% of pasties are consumed from 12-2pm
n43% of pasties obtained and consumed out of home are bought in sandwich shopsChildren and young men are keen on eating pastiesMeat pasty consumption has declined by 7% year on year, driven by declines at the in-home lunch and out-of-home snacking occasions.
However, consumption at home teatimes is up 18%, while consumption from a lunchbox is up by 5%. These increases are influenced by the growth in consumption among children. Children aged 11-16 and men aged up to 64 are key consumers. Younger men are particularly heavy consumers.
Of pasties bought for snacking out of home, 43% are purchased in a sandwich shop, 11% at school, 8% at work, 7% at a forecourt and 6% in a supermarket. Important motivators determining their purchase include “quick to cook”, “fancied a change” and “filling”. There has been a decline in the number of pasties eaten hot, with the more convenient cold variety in slight growth.
MLC marketing director Richard Lowe claims that although there has been a decline in overall consumption, pasties are nevertheless in renaissance due to an increase in consumer access points, while suppliers and retailers are tapping into huge demand for convenient hand-held snacks. He adds: “Concerns among some consumers about their healthiness offer NPD opportunities for the industry”
Sara Donnelly, TNS
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