Age profile of prawn consumersnBritain is turning into a nation of prawn lovers - they were eaten on 186 million occasions last year, up by 12%
nJust over half of all prawns are consumed at the evening meal
n 61% of prawns are bought frozenPrawns popular for entertaining and as a light mealPrawns are most popular with adults aged over 45, with this group accounting for 55% of prawn consumption occasions.
The 45-64 age group is 9% more likely to consume prawns than it is all other fish. Females aged 17-44 account for 22% of prawn consumption occasions, and are 30% more likely to eat prawns than other fish. Overall, females account for 53% of prawn consumption.
In the home, prawns are almost twice as likely to be eaten as snacks than all other fish. Only 4% of prawns are eaten as a snack, but consumption at this occasion has grown by more than two thirds year-on-year.
Just over half of all prawns are eaten at the evening meal, an occasion in growth by 16%. Some 43% are consumed as a light meal. Prawns are 8% more likely to be eaten at this type of occasion than all other fish. This puts the sector in an advantageous position in terms of the growing trend towards light meals.
Consumers still think the prawn cocktail is a sophisticated starter, since prawns are much more likely than other fish to be used for entertaining. Prawns are most likely to be eaten with salad vegetables, while 6% are eaten with mayonnaise.
Consumption with mayonnaise is down year-on-year, perhaps because it is perceived to be be unhealthy.
Gary Shaw, TNS
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