WeightWatchers is encouraging dieters to cook for themselves while enabling them to keep close tabs on the fat and calorie content of their recipes with a range of chilled raw added value meals.
The products, a fresh concept for the WeightWatchers brand, consist of prepared cuts of meat or poultry supplied with either their own sauce, topping, vegetables or wrap.
All are ready to cook in oven or pan, carry simple preparation instructions and clearly indicate their fat and calorie content as well as WeightWatchers points per portion.
Four products are being launched on September 13 in familiar British and international cuisines - Chicken & Chickpea
Dahl Curry, Chicken with Cheese and Bacon, Chicken with Tomato and Mixed Peppers, and Pork Medallions with Dijon Mustard Sauce.
The packs contain two
portions either in 320g or 350g with an rsp of £3.49-£3.99 and have a points value of between two and four.
“The chilled raw added value sector is expanding fast,” said Sarah Morgan, marketing director at Anthony Alan Foods, which manufactures the products under licence for WeightWatchers. “Our research indicates there is huge potential for premium quality, healthy-eating products that are quick and simple to cook.”
Morgan said the meals would cater for the growing number of dieters on the WeightWatchers plan wanting to cook from scratch yet at the same time easily stick to their points plan.
She added: “While the dishes are provided in a quick, easy- to-use format, they are designed to be cooked conventionally, in the pan or oven, rather than in the microwave. The combination of convenience, quality and conventional cooking methods has major appeal.”
Stefan Chomka