Ferrero is poised to launch its most ambitious ­ as well as the chilliest ­ on pack promotion for Tic Tac. It is giving away tickets to what it calls the Coolest Party on Earth' (cool in the sense that the venue is the Icehotel in Swedish Lapland where the average temperature is ­5degC). Peel back labels on winning packs of Tic Tac will invite 25 people plus three friends each to attend the party on January 12 next year. The promotion runs between May and July on all varieties of Tic Tac. The thinking behind the promotion is to build on the Small but Cool' brand proposition in Tic Tac's new ad campaign (which features the small guy character Rudy). The pressure has been on for Tic Tac to update its brand image as it faces competition from rival mint brands such as Smint, though value sales for single packs of Tic Tac mints increased 10% in the year to January 27 (up 27% including sales of multipacks). Ferrero anticipates a more than 30% increase in sales during the promotion period, outdoing last year's on-pack promotion to win a VW Beetle. Promotional packs carry the Icehotel logo, while PoS material and 3-D dumpbin headers with Icehotel images are available for retailers and cash and carries. The £2.5m Small but Cool campaign returns to screens during June and July to coincide with Rudy's roadshow around the UK's hip clubs and bars. New Rudy ads are planned, and next year the campaign will use outdoor and new media. {{MARKETING - P&P }}