Exclusive Mary Carmichael German frozen cake and dessert manufacturer Coppenrath and Wiese is gearing up to beat off the chilled and ambient sectors, and grab itself a bigger slice of the own label dominated UK frozen market. Activity includes new and reformulated flavours and recipes for the UK palate, smaller pack sizes, different formats and a £1m ad spend. The new UK range has nine core lines including a new Chocolate Bar made with UK sourced chocolate and smaller sizes of Sweet Dreams gâteaux. New blue, gold and red packaging highlights the branding. "We don't want to lose our continental roots, as they give us our point of difference," said general manager Gill Watson. "But the UK taste profile differs from European, and smaller pack sizes bring down prices and make experimentation less risky." The TV ad, featuring two old ladies devouring the cakes which they believe are fresh, reached ITV, Channels 4 and 5 and Sky this week, and runs through May and June. The strapline is: Amazingly fresh, incredibly frozen.' {{MARKETING - P&P }}