One of the biggest changes has been the relaunch of Batleys Best Buy own label in its new blue and yellow livery and the subsequent upgrading of PoS through all 18 depots.
A number of C&Cs have undergone more fundamental refurbishments.
One of the most dramatic changes at Birmingham was the incorporation of a storage area of mobile racking into the main depot, adding another 15-20,000 sq ft to the already massive depot and taking it to a total of around 140,000 sq ft, the biggest in the group.
The layout was altered in a number of ways including bringing all the catering products together at the front near the entrance. Manager Rob Whittington says the thinking was to provide catering customers with a one-stop shop and to encourage retailers to check out the catering aisles.
Another major project was a new confectionery category management initiative in conjunction with Cadbury, carried out at Manchester and Leeds in addition to Birmingham, and which grouped confectionery by manufacturer. The results have proved positive and these changes are being rolled out.
Other changes at Birmingham include extended space for crisps and snacks, and for soft drinks.
Regional controller Paul Woodthorpe, responsible for eight depots in the Midlands and south, says the depot maintained sales while the changes were taking place and the enhanced areas have seen sales growth in recent weeks.
A longer-term trial involving deliveries from six depots ­ Edinburgh, Nottingham, Coventry, Cardiff, Southampton and Swindon ­ has been going on for two years.
Operations director Martin Race describes the sales generated as "a useful add-on but not core. We've targeted specific customers who have been brand new business added to our core business."