Wall's is flexing £20m of marketing muscle ­ double last year's advertising budget ­ to push its ice cream range, and is introducing a fistful of new products in anticipation of further tussles in the impulse ice cream market. The new range of impulse products, available in March, is led by Magnum Double Chocolate. Wall's aims to increase sales of Magnum by 50% this year and make it the "power" ice cream brand. It is spending £7.5m advertising the brand on TV, posters, press and direct mail. TV ads will carry the strapline "Life is all about priorities". Other new impulse products include Solero Ice, and tropical and strawberry Calippos. The kids' market will get Loop the Loop water ice with sherbet and lemon and orange Popsicle water ices, a Bart Simpson chocolate and banana ice cream and Tom & Jerry water ices. A Family Fun Multipack of character licensed products will be backed by a £2.8m TV campaign. In the snack size take home category there are multipacks of Magnum, Calippo, Feast and Twister minis, a mixed Snack Pack and a Magnum After Dinner pack. Aimed at the adult indulgence market, this is the bestselling Magnum product in Italy, the Netherlands and Germany. In the tubs sector there are new Carte d'Or variants in crème caramel and Nocciolato and two new Wall's 5s packs ­ Fruit and Chocolate ­ as well as Viennetta Complete Desserts in Lemon and Biscuit Strawberry Cheesecake. Wall's controls two-thirds of the impulse sector, but last month the Competition Commission ruled that retailers can use half their freezer space for other manufacturers' products. "Retailers are free to choose," said sales director Tony Pearce. "They can still stock 100% Wall's if they want to." {{P&P }}