Confectionery is back at the head of the main chart with Cadbury taking the three top places. With Easter only a couple of weeks away, stores are beginning to resemble big sweet shops.
All the stores have jumped on the Easter egg bandwagon with chocolate eggs of all shapes and sizes available.
Cadbury, Nestlé and Mars are fighting for Easter egg supremacy. All three have large secondary displays and offers in almost all stores. However, only a limited range of promotional mechanics are being used. The customer has almost a straight choice - either 3 for £5 for standard eggs or 6 for £5 for small.
Alcoholic drinks has risen a couple of places to take top spot in the most active brand category chart, with frozen hot on its heels and soft drinks close behind.
As usual, at the head of any push in this section is Stella Artois which has promotions on various products across the chains and is particularly visible in Safeway with three separate price promotions each with extra space. This activity has helped Stella climb to seventh in the brand share chart.