The European egg industry could be under threat from cheap imports if proposals to improve animal welfare become law, according to a new report.
The report from the Netherlands Agriculture Economics Research Institute said the costs and restrictions of the impending legislation and the threat of reduced or eliminated tariff protection would be a double blow to Europe's egg industry.
The concern centres on an EU directive which will increase protection of laying hens, including a ban on conventional battery cages, from 2012.

n faster french
A brand new French cheese is set to hit the shelves in Sainsbury this month.
Délice d'Angloys combines the characteristics of Brie and Camembert. However unlike its traditional forebears, it needs only 20 minutes out of a fridge before consumption rather than an hour.
The product has been created from pasteurised cow's milk by Bongrain in the Burgundy region of France.
Sold in distinctive packaging, the cheese will be sold in Sainsbury at £1.69 for 150g.

n corned pressure
After a lengthy period of price deflation on South American corned beef, importers are being warned of higher fob levels to avoid canneries having to curtail production.
Product is priced in US dollars which had given packers a windfall opportunity as the local currency was devalued about 80% over the last year. This seems to be ending with recent governmental controls beginning to work in favour of the Brazilian Real.
Conflicting reports of over-production and delayed shipments have become a part of a supply chain issue which UK importers are having to resolve.
Sources in Sao Paulo told The Grocer: "The industry is far better organised since the rationalisation programme undertaken two years ago, so a determination to avoid losses will prevail."

n correction
In our report on the Alaskan Salmon Fishermen case (The Grocer, February 15, p53) we said that Stephen Susman counted Enron and Microsoft among his clients.
Susman has asked us to make it clear he was actually lead counsel in an antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft.
We are happy to make that clear.