BBC Worldwide's new fortnightly entertainment and celebrity title is to be called Star: the celebrity magazine'. The £2m launch will be the biggest in the teenage market for six years, according to the publisher. Star: the celebrity magazine' will launch on October 18, and be supported by a high-profile television and radio advertising campaign, plus in-store and PR activity. The magazine takes its inspiration from US publications such as US Weekly, Entertainment Weekly and Teen People. Editor Jeremy Mark said: "We are going to offer something cooler, more aspirational and more sophisticated than anything available. Star: the celebrity magazine' will feature only the celebrities of interest to older teenagers and young adults ­ whether from film, television, music, sport or fashion ­ in well-styled shoots and candid interviews." The magazine's debut was designed to come two weeks after the launch of a new showbiz feature, also called Star, in the new series of Live & Kicking, which includes behind the scenes features and exclusive interviews with stars in the UK, the rest of Europe and the US. Publisher Lindsaye Fox said: "The name, Star: the celebrity magazine' reflects simply what our new magazine is about ­ celebrities ­ and is part of a design as exciting as the magazine's content, and every bit as fresh an addition to the British news-stand. "Celebrity magazines for the 12-19 market are prolific in the US but in the UK only the younger teens and the adult market have been catered for, in spite of growing numbers of young, glamorous stars." The cover price has to be announced. {{CTN }}