A new premium packaged spirit based on Jamaican golden rum is being introduced to the market this summer. Soca is the creation of the Fab Drinks Company and is being marketed in the off-trade by KTC Edibles. The drink is a blend of rum, tropical fruits and mineral water. The main fruit constituents are pineapple and bitter orange. It will be fighting in the same market as Bacardi Breezer but Bill Dickinson of Fab Drinks believes its quality will win it supporters quickly. He is also hoping to reach an agreement to name the brand of the rum on the bottle. Soca' is a Caribbean music style which is a mix between soul and calypso and will be much in evidence at the Notting Hill Carnival in August. Dickinson is planning to make the drink highly visible during the event. The main push for the drink will be through pubs and clubs with the help of a major wholesaler. Russell Starr of KTC will be approaching the off-trade buyers in the next few weeks. His company is a major supplier of Afro Caribbean products which help to give him access. Soca will retail at £1.09 in the take home market. {{DRINKS }}