A chocolate-covered multi-layered wafer with hazelnut filling, it was aimed squarely at adults ­ particularly women. A £4.5m launchpad, which included high profile TV advertising spread in several bursts throughout the year. aimed to hit the category with a bang. It has won several newcomer awards and the recently added multipack format has offered incremental sales in the multiples. Sales Information Resources says sales of Kinder Bueno across all grocery & impulse outlets for the year ending last December 31, were £21.7m in value, while filled chocolate bars as a whole were £1.09bn, down 6.4% year on year. The company says "Since its launch, Kinder Bueno has been a huge success in both grocery and impulse channels. It is currently the number six single countline across the total market. Consumers love the taste and texture and see it as completely different from any other countline. We will continue to give the brand heavyweight support, with a £2.5m advertising campaign starting in April." A consumer's view "I love them. My daughter discovered them in Woolworths about five years ago and we buy them regularly. I like their lightness, the crispness of the wafer and the choc/hazelnut filling. Why did Ferrero trial them for so long in Woolworths? They must have forgotten about them." Sarah Hall, mother of two. Epsom, Surrey. {{P&P }}