firestarter! There are a variety of ways to enjoy a barbecue ­ whether you throw a match on a disposable tray, carefully craft a charcoal barbie, or use the advancement of modern technology to cook on gas. Grocery retailers are increasingly providing consumers with everything they need in the way of fuel and equipment, such as the new Firestarters from Swedish Match's Bryant & May brand. Made from wood chips and wax, Firestarters are designed for ease of use: strike the head on the side of the pack, hold it for a second, then place it among the coals for immediate results. Rsp is £1.49 for 20. Swedish Match is supporting Firestarters and the Bryant & May match range with a £1m advertising campaign this summer. Rectella International, which manufactures the Bar-Be-Quick instant barbecue products, says sales are rising by 6% for its instant lighting charcoal which comes in two and four kilo bags. The company says consumers want to cook immediately and are no longer prepared to wait for a traditional barbecue to ignite. Its instant barbecue products are generally an impulse buy, so good instore presentation is vital for sales, the company adds. Heat Beads, claimed to be Australia's number one selling barbecue fuel, has a growing UK consumer base, according to distributor Parlour Products. The fuel impregnated briquettes are smoke free once lit, provide consistent fuel quality, and last up to five hours, depending on the type of barbecue. They also cook at a much higher temperature than conventional charcoal, Parlour Products claims. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}