Martin Dawe of Martin Dawe Brand Design tried the new range of Cadbury's ice cream You could not have asked for a more qualified person. Ever since I was a kid I have always had, and still have, a weakness for ice cream, so I was delighted to be given the opportunity to try Cadbury's new collection. To launch a range of ice creams in tubs is a natural extension of the Cadbury' s brand. My view of the product is mixed, however. The Cadbury's Dairy Milk was good, with a Cadbury Chocolate tasting ice cream with chocolate chips. The Crunchie was disappointing ­ not enough Crunchie bits. I also found a lump of chocolate, which I am not sure is part of the offering. The vanilla was tasteless, although this may be because I tried it after some of the others, which do have strong flavours. The Caramel was my second favourite after the Dairy Milk. It has a rich blend of fudge ice cream, caramel and choc chips. It's a very good range, but I would not class it as premium ­ although I am sure the kids will love them. The packaging is interesting with the range available singularly in 500ml tubs and 4 x 100ml mixed cartons. The standard tub is made unique with the addition of a simple vacuum formed lid shaped as the Cadbury's chunk. This will create standout at point of purchase. It also enables the pots to stack. The graphics, except the vanilla, are a basic extension of the individual brand. It is a pity that the concept was not extended to the 100ml pots. All the tubs carry the same graphics with a card lid which donates the variety. Incidentally, the picture on the four pack carton shows individual graphics for each product. However, the individual branding is weak. It looks part Christmas pack and part Black Forest Gateau carton. Not the usual high standard you expect with Cadbury's. {{P&P }}