Patak's is positioning its new three-strong ready meals range - its first for the chiller cabinet - as "ready to cook, restaurant quality Indian meals". Richard Britton is managing partner of media planner and buyer Jones Britton Breckon Company: I can see some of this range's proposition well enough ­ it tastes better because you're nearly cooking it and it's cheaper than a takeaway. But there are some problems with the concept. The first is that you have to do some cooking. I don't mind this now, but when I was single and my closest relationship was with my microwave, it might have been a problem. The second is the packaging. I suppose it depends on the target audience but it's not very Tesco's Finest'. It's true to Patak's usual image on their sauces but it's very pink and very authentic' and I don't think it needs to be so bold. Surely the name Patak should be proof enough of authenticity? The other thing is that the ingredients in the pack are rather squashed. One compartment contains the chicken and the other side contains the sauce and any additional ingredients. In the case of my favourite, the spinach was loose on top of the pouch of sauce, fighting with the tub of ghee and the sprig of coriander. My favourite was the Kashmiri Chicken Sag'. Melt ghee (flavoured differently according to the dish), fry chicken (gently does it), then add the spinach and add the sauce. Hey presto, 10 minutes later a meal for two which, in this case, tasted as good as any take-away and all for £5.99! The chicken was tender and well spiced but not too fiery. All dishes come with scented' pilau rice and all seemed enough for two, especially if adding a couple of poppadoms and a naan bread. Does it make me feel like Meena Pathak? Not really. I have tried before to cook an Indian meal from scratch and failed miserably to create anything worth eating. This definitely is worth eating but you know you've cheated. That's OK ­ the cooking experience is not nearly as important as the taste. Would I buy it? I suppose I would, but my partner would never eat it so I would have rather a lot to get through. But even a portion for two is cheaper than a takeaway for one! {{P&P }}