April Proposes amendment to the Dairy Products (Hygiene) (Charges) Regulations so inspections of dairy producers would be free. Orders that foods and food ingredients using additives and flavourings which contain GM components must be labelled May Announces intention to work with industry and government to improve the diet of young people in the UK June Announces task force to examine burdens of food regulations on small food businesses; publishes survey on attitudes to food safety July Announces new targets for reducing food poisoning in the UK August Consultation begins on its code of practice on openness September Pledges to press for far reaching changes in European food labelling rules and to develop guidance for the promotion of foods to children. October Survey reveals 30% of frozen whole chickens contained more than the EC limit of added water (7%); publishes UK-wide standard for local food law enforcement November Licensing scheme tightens controls on hygiene in butchers shops December Finds no unauthorised GM ingredients in tests on tortilla chips, despite Friends of the Earth's claim to the contrary January Public consultation on better labelling starts; survey reveals high levels of tin in 400g cans of Heinz canned spaghetti in tomato sauce; BSE controls detected remnants of spinal cord in two consignments of beef quarters imported into Northern Ireland from Germany, breaching EU rules February Batches of Umbro hypotonic sports drink suspected of penicillium and cladosporium mould contamination recalled March Highlights imported meat containing spinal cord from the Netherlands and Germany. Licences of two German abbatoirs subsequently revoked {{COVER FEATURE }}