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n Company: Ranir
Pocket Suds
n Country: US
From instant fresh breath to instant clean hands, soluble strips have come a long way...
About three years ago soluble breath-freshening strips appeared in the US oral hygiene market and the trend has now spread to non-food markets in the US, with the introduction of Pocket Suds. These are dissolving strips of soap that manufacturer Ranir says are “perfect for adults and kids on the go”. The strips dissolve into a creamy lather in the palm when water is added and are reported not to leak, drip or clog like liquid soaps.
Like the breath-freshening strips, they are packaged in a slim plastic case which measures 48x70x6mm, a convenient, portable size to fit into a pocket, purse, gym bag or car glove box. At $2 per twin-pack (24 strips in total), the price works out at just 8 cents per hand wash.
The first breath freshening strips to be launched in the US were Listerine PocketPaks from Warner-Lambert. The wafer thin strips were designed to dissolve quickly on the tongue to give instant fresh breath, and were packaged in a small plastic case.
The idea took off when Wrigley entered the market, seeing opportunities in a breath-freshening product that could be used on occasions when chewing gum was inappropriate, or simply by consumers who did not buy gum.
After that, soluble candy strips were launched, and ‘energy strips’, with caffeine and taurine, described as instant energy for body and mind.