Much imitated O'Hagan licences manufacturing process and brand name Sausage king launches franchise operation Kit Davies The retailer who lays claim to making Britain's best sausages is launching a franchise operation. Bill O'Hagan says his recipes have been copied for years by rivals, and now aims for greater control by allowing his brand name and manufacturing process to be used under licence. The first licence agreement comes into effect in the New Year at the Red Lion pub in Blue Town, Sheerness. O'Hagan's Sausage Shops across the country are set to follow. O'Hagan, who runs two shops, in Chichester and Bosham, West Sussex, is also launching a hot sausage and mash takeaway shop in Chichester in the new year which is set to be a similar franchise arm. Demand for O'Hagan's sausages has outstripped his ability to supply since a BBC2 Documentary Blood on the Carpet' was screened in February. O'Hagan makes 130 different varieties of sausage a week in a vast range of flavours. He has come up with more than 2,000 recipes. They are unashamedly premium offerings, high on meat content, with minimal fat and salt and using "no artificial anything". He said: "Our obsession is with making top quality sausages without the use of mechanically recovered meat, colourings, preservatives or any other artificial additives." O'Hagan rules out organics and vegetarian offerings, but regional sourcing is a key part of his philosophy. Alcohol features in many of his recipes, from Drunken Duck sausage to Scrumpy sausage. He opened the world's first specialist sausage shop in Greenwich in 1988 and won the Best Sausage Maker award four years ago, having been nominated by the MLC. {{MEAT }}