William Grant is attempting to break the traditional mould of malt whisky advertising with a new £1m campaign for the brand leader Glenfiddich. The two versions of the ad will be going into men's style magazines and the national broadsheets this autumn. They attempt to draw a parallel behind famous inventions and inspirations that have been the result of a moment of genius and the inspiration behind the creation of Glenfiddich. Marketing manager at distributor First Drinks Brands Sarah Clark said: "Malt has been seen as precious and we want to break that mould and contemporise it and get people to drink it more frequently." She said 25% of malt consumers were over the age of 65 and there was a need to attract younger drinkers. "We are targeting 35 to 45 year olds. Probably their parents drank malt but they have not been introduced to it." The category has been doing well. In the 12 months to June, sales were up 18%, although Clark said a major slice of this was due to the millennium effect. Growth in May and June was down to 2%. She said Glenfiddich was driving the market with sales up 20.7% in the same 12 month period. A £1 price increase to £21.99 is now being introduced and she believed that not only that the buyers would support this but sales would not be affected. "We are adding value and putting in significant below the line activity. The millennium gave us an extra 15% last year we hope we can do as well again this year." {{DRINKS }}