Sir; I leave Food from Britain after six years with happy memories and a sense of pride. The happy memories are of making many friends. Although our industry is a large and significant part of the UK economy, it is amazing how close people within it are, and I am happy to have met and worked with so many people. Thank you also for making me welcome at your companies, and I am delighted to have worked with you to develop sales of your products home and abroad. The sense of pride is that I believe, despite currency problems, British food and drink has an excellent reputation around the world. There are still significant opportunities to pursue and I know that the team at Food from Britain will happily work with you to help achieve these. During the past six years I have been privileged to have effectively been the Ambassador of British food and drink and have thoroughly enjoyed singing the praises of the best of British. I depart, therefore, wishing you all success in the future. As we know, the grocery trade is a close knit community and I hope to retain many of my existing contacts in my future position. Patrick Davis Chief Executive Food from Britain {{LETTERS }}