Not satisfied with its dominance in the premium chilled desserts sector, Gü is now planning to shake up the frozen aisles with its indulgent puddings.

Gü Chocolate Puds is making its first foray into the frozen puddings sector this month, having ventured into the frozen desserts aisles last year with its ice cream launch.

The first product to go into the freezer cabinets will be Gü Bombe au Chocolate, a dome-shaped family-sized pudding made from a combination of dark chocolate mousse and chocolate sponge, topped with a dusting of cocoa. The 450g Bombe, exclusive to Waitrose until September, will be priced at £5.99.

"The Bombe follows Gü's very strict code of conduct - it uses supreme quality ingredients and looks as if it has been prepared by chefs, so is ideal for those 'I made it myself' moments, as well as guaranteeing an intense chocolate hit," said Gü's marketing manager Becs Hurwitz.

The company is going head to head with Greencore, which brought out its first branded range of frozen puddings under the Pudz name a year ago. The range of premium Pudz - in unusual cube-shaped packaging - has eight variants, four hot and four cold.

The frozen desserts category, like many sectors of the frozen foods market, has struggled over recent years and last year it registered a decline in value of 3.9%, according to Nielsen [52 w/e 7 October 2006].

The leading brand, Viennetta, recorded a 20% drop in sales to £23.3m.

At the time of the Pudz launch, Greencore was praised by supermarket buyers for bringing much-needed innovation to the frozen foods sector.

"We're seeing a move towards premium and a return to value," said Musgrave Budgens Londis's frozen foods buyer Lorna Taylor.