Future Publishing releases the second edition of its Guitarist magazine brand extension Guitarist Icons on May 30 with a cover price of £5.99. Published biannually, each issue of Guitarist Icons is dedicated to a different guitar legend or legendary guitar model and this issue focuses on the Gibson Les Paul, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Covermounted with a 45-minute CD of classic Gibson Les Paul sounds and demos, plus three full song transcriptions, this second issue of Guitarist Icons has an exclusive interview with Les Paul and a competition to win a Les Paul Standard, worth £2,200. Katherine Raderecht is publisher of both Guitarist and Guitarist Icons and says the issue offers additional sales for retailers. "Guitarist Icons is great for us and for our readers. These brand extensions offer us a means of focusing on one particular area of Guitarist interest "The Icons series is ideal either as an introductory or one-off purchase or as an add-on for readers who are looking for more in-depth coverage." Distribution is by Seymour. {{CTN }}