Hall and Woodhouse has just brought out Panda Clear, and Perrier Vittel has launched a Buxton product for kids. Looney Tunes was positioned as a healthy alternative to sweet, soft drinks and backed by a £1m sampling and education campaign. The cartoon character labels introduced a fun element. A new ad campaign using bus backs has just kicked off. Sales Highland Spring values Looney Tunes at £500,000, a figure confirmed by TNS. Highland Spring says this represents 14% of sports-cap sales. The company says: "The aim was to expand the sector and position bottled water to appeal to kids. We wanted to make a new generation of consumers less dependent on carbonated and sugary soft drinks. We spent two years on research with parents, teachers, dentists, nutritionists ­ and children ­ to get the branding and design just right. We've had a superb reaction from the consumer and trade and we're delighted with the brand's performance." {{P&P }}