Free-range egg producers are fighting off an unlikely threat to their animals - the hot air balloon.
The UK Egg Producer and Retail Association's David Spackman said the balloon's burners can terrify the birds and cause death through panicked animals smothering each other. He said each incident can lead to losses running to several thousands of pounds.
As a result UKEPRA have now contacted the British Balloon and Airship Club in a bid to resolve the issue.
"What we're trying to do is get free-range producers pinpointed on balloonists maps so they can avoid them through either direction or by simply flying higher."

Imports down
Butter and cheese imports into the UK are dropping.
During the first half of the year the levels fell back sharply according to official import statistics. Total imports of cheese fell by 14%. Cheddar shipments fell 20% and imports of fresh cheeses fell back 10%. Meanwhile processed cheeses staged a small recovery in June, increasing 3%.
Imports of butter in the six months to June dropped 17%. This apparent trend is attributed to Danish shipments which are claimed to have fallen by over 60%. But the decline is being denied by Danish sources in the UK and it appears Danish butter imports are being seriously under-recorded in official figures.

Price fix claim
Lawyers representing 5,000 Alaskan salmon fishermen were celebrating a ruling in Anchorage that they will be able to put their case of price fixing to a jury.
Judge Peter Michalski set a date for the hearing, at which the fishermen will claim damages of $1.4bn covering alleged underpayments for the period of 1991-95 by processors and importers.
Prices fell 75% over that period which fishermen are claiming was due to price fixing.
However defendants have always argued the reason was an influx of farmed salmon which forced world prices down. If the fishermen are successful, the cost to the Alaskan industry will mean the closure of many plants, sources in Seattle said.

Tomato talk
After last week's news of a 40% fall in the Italian tomato pack, there are rumours there could be price renegotiations of contracts in the pipeline.
However, sources in Naples said canners were concerned about packing and were not yet likely to institute any discussions which would be premature. A slight improvement in the weather enabled farmers to salvage their crops but so much time has been lost, buyers could still face contract cutbacks.