The long-awaited Spider has finally reached UK showrooms but its overall performance might just not live up to the hype. Yes, it has all the style and panache that drivers have come to expect from an Alfa these days but there are far too many issues with it that make the already steep £26,000 price tag even harder to justify. Firstly, the ride isn't great and its soft suspension means the car tends to shudder along on anything other than perfect road surfaces. The engine is also a bit of a disappointment. Its 3.2 V6 sounds good when the car is tearing up the road but ultra-long gearing means that you doesn't get the full effect of the 256bhp available. That said, die-hard Alfa fans are unlikely to be able to resist falling in love with this car. Its standard four-wheel drive provides excellent traction when you want to have some fun and the high build quality, the smart and unfussy interior and the comfortable seats are all nice touches. Alfa has also been pretty generous with the kit that comes with the car. Climate control, 17-inch alloys, CD player, rear parking sensors, cruise control, and electric windows and mirrors are all fitted as standard. BMW 1 Series 3dr £17,785-£30,270 BMW's three-door 1 series promises to deliver more fuel-efficient motoring without any negative effects on the engine or handling. While the car effectively achieves this, you do pay for it. Peugeot 207 CC From £14,795 Peugeot has once again delivered a smart little convertible that is comfortable and easy to drive. The price tag is affordable and running costs are extremely low as well, and that means it deserves to do well. Toyota Yaris SR £12,995-£13,495 No real surprises here. As you would expect from a Toyota, the car is well equipped and, with a 0-62 of 9.3 seconds, it's fairly nippy as well. However, it does lack the flair of other cars in its class.