NV3 £230, NV10 £280 and the NV7 OPS £300

NV is the most exciting camera range we've seen for a while. The NV3 picks up where the i6 left off, with media player functionality in addition to its considerable prowess. It can record MP4 video at 20fps 720 x 480 (as well as standard 30fps VGA) but, crucially, can be loaded with MP4 movies and MP3 music for entertainment on the go. To prove the point, there's a 3.5mm headphone socket and a pair of speakers. It's a cute 7.2MP snapper, displays text files and it's a voice recorder.

The NV7 OPS (with the fat lens, pictured at the top) is another 7MP job but has a high quality 7x optical zoom and Optical Picture Stabilisation to iron out shaky hands. The NV10 has a whopping 10.1MP sensor - exciting in itself. But the thing really getting us trigger happy is the Smart Touch user interface - an array of touch-and-click sensitive buttons along the axis of the viewfinder allowing access to various functions by grid reference. It works in such an intuitive fashion, it's a wonder no one's done it before.

These aluminium-clad beauties are some of the best-finished cameras at any price. They're solid and weighty, like slightly updated Leicas. And that blue circular detail? Pure class. www.samsungcamera.com

Lomographic Society Fisheye No 2 £50

Join the underground movement of Lomographers taking whacked-out snaps of their kids - much like Scientologists but with an exciting end product. That it's a film camera just adds to its old-world charm.

Sony DSLR-A100 £600

Serious cameras usually made by serious companies with experts pointing things they can't explain. It's nice to see chancers, like Sony, getting into the high-end market with a DSLR offering features suited to the more photographically inept.

Kodak V610 £295

Camera specifications tend to improve gradually. Now and then, a freak of nature like the V610 appears and skips a generation - in this case, magically creating a 10x optical zoom in a compact that's little fatter than the pocket competition.