Describe your career to date

For most of my early career I was employed by Smiths Foods. The last position I held was sales planning and promotions manager – helping to launch brands such as Quavers and Monster Munch.

I decided it would be a good move to gain marketing experience from the agency side and worked for two years at London marketing consultancy Marden Kane  as an account director before joining Robert Vince Advertising as senior account director. In 1987 I moved back to the client side by joining Daloon as UK marketing director. Subsequently I also took on responsibility for sales.

How do you motivate your sales and marketing teams?

Outside obvious things such as target-related bonus schemes, we have developed a tremendously supportive team spirit within the department.

Motivation is about treating people with trust and respect, recognising good people and treating them as adults. You need to be able to identify someone’s strengths and weaknesses and help their own self-awareness – making it possible for the good to be developed and the not so good to be improved. 

What have you been up to in 2003?

In retail we have completely redesigned our retail packaging this year under the Daloon ‘Classics’ umbrella, reflecting a more modern, clean and quality image for the brand. We recently launched the first truly microwaveable spring rolls and some new mini ethnic snacks packs as well as a ‘Daloonies’ range for children.

What are your future ambitions?

The usual – staying healthy, living well, being happy and not having to work too far into my 80s before the government allows me to retire!

Professionally, to see Daloon continue growing healthily as an independent company in the UK market. I want to see it expand its product portfolio and markets potential so providing long-term and secure jobs and careers for its employees.