New entry 1Peter Freeman Chairman Competition commission

This is the man who holds the future of the grocery retail business in his hands. No pressure then.

see right???

New entry 2Dame Deirdre Hutton chair Food Standards Agency

With food labelling, the Nutrient Profiling Model, and a sometimes heavy-handed approach to food safety issues all sources of conflict, the FSA's relationship with the industry is more strained than ever. But there's no doubt the FSA remains powerful. "A knock on the door from the FSA can shut my business down," one supplier told The Grocer. Stung by criticism, Hutton has been making a big effort recently to rebuild bridges. entry

New entry 3Vicki Hird Friends of the Earth supermarket campaigner

This green champion has been an increasingly effective thorn in the side of the supermarkets, corraling local councils to reject planning applications for a number of supermarkets, including Tesco superstores in Stretford, Manchester and Tolworth in London. It has also successfully campaigned to get the government to close the loophole that allows retailers to install mezzanine floors to double floorspace without planning permission. Hird's next campaign will oppose government plans to loosen planning laws, which would allow supermarkets to expand their empires further. She still has the Competition Commission inquiry firmly in her sights, too, and is pleased with the initial progress.

New entry 4Peter Vicary-Smith chief executive Which?

Which? has declared war on 'junk food' and with the ear of the nationals, gets regular media attention, even though the science behind some campaigns is suspect.

New entry 5James Lowman chief executive ACS

Headed high-profile campaigns, notably referral of grocery to the Competition Commission, and opposition to longer Sunday trading hours and, following deserved promotion, has a high media profile.

New entry 6Peter Kendall president NFU

Deserves credit for recent milk price hikes, as he has sought to get farmers to engage with retailers on a more practical level.

New entry 7Lucy Neville-Rolfe Tesco corporate and legal affairs director

The most powerful PR person in grocery, the former mandarin is spearheading Tesco's defence in the Commission inquiry and doing good work on its green strategy. eny

New entry 8Tony Woodley General Secretary T&G

Strikes at Tesco and Grampian, helping migrant workers, securing redundancy pay at Iceland, an acceleration of T&G's active role has seen Northern Foods, Sainsbury's and Morrisons targeted.

New entry 9David Miliband Secretary of State for Environment

Or more accurately, whoever Gordon Brown chooses to take on this important 'greening' portfolio. enty

New entry 10Harriet Lamb executive director, Fairtrade Foundation

With a £290m brand, Lamb is centre stage in a key strategic weapon of the supermarkets as she battles over the banana price war.