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Info: Usage overview of burgers. In-home and lunchbox

More than half a billion burgers were eaten last year

Beefburgers make up 88% of all burgers eaten, with chicken burgers at 10% and turkey burgers at 2%

One fifth of consumption occurs on a Saturday, but only a tenth on a Sunday

The main reason for consumption is enjoyment (56%)

Burgers in tune with the times

Sales of burgers have risen 7% to £691m and volume is up 4.4% to 90,000 tonnes thanks to increases in the number of shoppers, prices and frequency of purchase. Children aged six to 16 and adult males under 45 are the main burger-eaters, accounting for 42% compared with 29% of total food consumption. There has also been an increase in consumption among children aged under five (3.1%) and young males aged 17-24 (3.3%).

Consumption is steady on weekdays but leaps on a Saturday thanks to the burger's appeal as a fast food. The consumption downturn on a Sunday - 10% of the week's consumption - is a result of the dominance of traditional meals on this day and burgers not fulfilling most consumers' expectations of a Sunday meal.

Enjoyment is key to burger consumption, motivating 56% of meals, with convenience at 41%. However, perhaps surprisingly, health concerns have helped drive sales, which could be explained by an increased association with lighter meals.

"Despite the poor BBQ season of 2007, burgers have continued to show strong growth, emphasising their versatility," said Richard Cullen from the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board.

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