A new smartphone app that can recognise branded products is set to shake up the marketing world.

Blippar – a free application available for iPhones and most Android devices – officially launched today, in partnership with Cadbury.

When the app is running, pointing the phone’s camera at a Cadbury countline launches an ‘augmented reality’ game played by tapping on ducks that appear to emerge from the chocolate bar.

“We loved Blippar from the moment we saw it in action,” said Sonia Carter, head of digital at Cadbury owner Kraft Foods.

“We were blown away by the technology and are certain consumers will be. With one in three UK adults owning a smartphone, the potential market for initiatives like this is huge and we are proud to be bringing this incredible technology to the masses.”

Blippar’s makers claim the app could spell the end for QR codes.

“The implications are enormous and we look forward to being at the forefront of delivering compelling experiences for users with other exciting brands,” said Blippar chief executive Ambarish Mitra.

“Image-recognition enabled augmented reality is far from a gimmick and will fundamentally change how consumers interact with their favourite real-world brands.”

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