The two companies will identify key events and marketing activities for joint projects. In return for exposure of the brands ­ which come under the IPC Ignite! umbrella ­ MTV will be able to capitalise on media exposure for its brands through the IPC Ignite! portfolio. Head of marketing at IPC Ignite!, Niall McKinney, said: "I have long thought that MTV and IPC Ignite! were talking to the same audience. "There is an obvious link between MTV and our music titles, but there are also a host of other opportunities linking MTV's humour and lifestyle programming to the Loaded brand." In the first major deal as part of the new partnership Loaded will sponsor top-rated comedy show Jackass on MTV's main channel. Other key activities covered by the partnership during 2002 include masthead programming for NME across the MTV network; Uncut sponsorship of VH-1's programme Behind the Music; Loaded and MTV Dance joining forces for the MTV Mediterranean Dance Tour, with Loaded gaining branding at the events, on-air slots across the MTV network, plus editorial coverage and competitions within the magazine and MTV support of NME's Fresher Tour in September. {{CTN }}