Simon Mowbray
Discovery Foods is getting ready to broaden its horizons by giving its American-inspired offering an Italian twist. The company, best known for supplying authentic foods from Mexico and the Americas, is launching New York Italian Big Flavour Pasta Sauces in January.
The High Wycombe manufacturer claims the sauces, available in five flavours, will add a point of difference from competitors' traditional Italian offerings. It plans to back the newcomers with £2m which will pay for press advertising and below-the line activity.
James Beaton, founder and joint MD of Discovery, said the new sauces had come to fruition after scoring highly with consumers in taste tests. He said they had also received a warm reception from buyers at the multiples. Listings have been secured in "all but one of the major four", said a spokesman, and the range ­ which includes Tomato and Aromatic Basil and Hot Pepper and Cheese ­ will go on sale at an rsp of £1.65 for a 350g jar.
Beaton said the inspiration for the dishes had come from New York's Italian community which has traditionally given an American twist to age-old favourites from the motherland.
"We've unashamedly begged, borrowed and improved their ideas and come up with five of the biggest and best tasting sauces ever," claimed Beaton. "We've made pasta eating exciting again."