POM Wonderful is literally targeting consumers’ hearts in the hope that pomegranate will become the next cranberry juice in the UK.
The Californian pomegranate juice will initially be available in three chilled varieties - 100% pomegranate, pomegranate with cherry, and pomegranate with blueberry. If the UK launch is successful, POM Wonderful may follow up with mango and tangerine blended juices.
The sweet, tart juice comes from fruit grown in California’s San Joaquin Valley and is pressed and bottled on-site.
POM Wonderful branded pomegranate fresh fruit is already on sale in Waitrose, Sainsbury and Morrisons.
Pomegranate juice is widely
claimed to be an antioxidant superpower, containing higher levels than red wine, blueberry juice, green tea and cranberry juice. Antioxidants are known to help protect against heart diseases as well as premature ageing and some cancers and it’s this health message - which has helped POM Wonderful grow into a $100m brand in the US within two years of launch - that will be pushed in the UK.
Each distinctive fruit-shaped plastic bottle has a neck label explaining the health benefits with the strapline ‘Drink it daily. Feel it forever’.
But consumers will have to dig deep into their pockets to get their daily dose. A 473ml bottle will retail at about £2.99.
Kurt Vetter, vice president of sales for POM Wonderful, said the super premium price had not been a barrier in the US, just an initial gatekeeper to gaining distribution in the retailers.
Retail Brands will be responsible for distribution, sales and marketing of the juices in the UK. It has already won one listing in a major multiple and plans to support the April launch with sampling and outdoor and press advertising.
Sean McAllister