trading controller, Today's Group From a wholesale point of view, our biggest advice is to focus on the priorities. Stick to the key lines that will sell over the Christmas period. Don't run out of boxed chocolates. Look at the opportunities the multiple sector won't be concentrating on so much, where there will be margins to be made. For example, indulgent speciality lines for the last-minute gift. Some of the big hits this Christmas will revolve around character brands. Harry Potter will be a surefire winner. At seasonal times make sure all the eat-now lines ­ Cadbury's Christmas puds, Aero mint pies ­ are on display early from October 1 to get people into the habit of buying for Christmas. Cadbury's Christmas puds, Cadbury's Santas, Nestlé's Big Purple One will be must-stock lines. The Today's group is recommending certain selection pack ranges from each of the major suppliers and these will be available from cash and carries. We are producing a poster to highlight the bestsellers in cash and carry depots. There will also be price deals and also price marked packs. Most of the major manufacturers are putting out long count outers and peelable price mark stickers. We haven't finalised our Easter activity, but we will be looking at a fairly limited range and some uniqueness so we shall not clash with the multiples. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}