As the internet continues to make a huge impact, it is impossible to ignore its effect on the retail industry and the changing recruitment needs this brings. Firstly, the major issue to consider is to what degree the internet will change the retail industry. The answer to that is anyone's guess and everyone has their own opinions on this hot' issue! However, demand is currently outstripping supply for e-commerce staff and salaries are increasing significantly, as internet aware retailers scramble to recruit and retain the best staff. Across the UK a similar position is emerging, where an increasing number of candidates are desperate to board the internet bandwagon, which is an easy task if they have the right skills and experience. So, although e-tailing' is still an evolving market, the true test of success will be consumer take up over the next few years. If, as is constantly being reported in the media, this is the future of retailing, to what extent does this signal the demise of the High Street? Without doubt it is good news for those lucky enough to have claimed a place in the online revolution, but what about those still looking to join the party? Potential new recruits need to embrace new technology and gain relevant skills. For instance, experience of supply chain management, warehousing, transport management and the like, are the crucial support areas which are paramount to the immediate success of e-tailers. The ultimate effect of online retailing is debatable and no doubt many hours will be spent talking about the prospects, with little hard evidence to back up ideas. However, with electronic commerce becoming ever more accepted by the great British public and with rewards being offered to the lucky few working in this area, the attraction to this new industry is certainly well worth considering. {{TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT }}