1.7 billion servings of sausages are eaten in a year
Fresh sausages account for 62% of sausages consumed, frozen account for 38%
Total sausages have grown 6% since 1999. Frozen sausages are driving this growth. Versus 1999, frozen sausages have grown 15% compared to a 2% growth of fresh sausages
In terms of volume, males aged 45-64 account for the highest consumption of sausages. Some 12% are consumed by this age group
Least likely to consume sausages are females, particularly those over 65. Although accounting for 13.5% of all foods consumed, they account for only 7.4% of all sausage consumption
The most popular meal occasion for Sausage consumption is the evening meal- 43% of all sausages are consumed at this occasion
Fresh sausages are more reliant on breakfast and lunch occasions than frozen
14% of fresh sausages are consumed at breakfast, 21% are consumed at lunch, and 41% at the evening meal