Kit Kat Chunky is to get its first ever flavour variant: Kit Kat Chunky Orange. This is initially a limited edition and is available from April 9. "Limited edition variants are just one way of keeping the brand at the forefront of both shoppers' and retailers' minds. Retailers should make the most of promotions by putting temptation within consumers' reach, dual siting product to generate extra sales," said Nestlé Rowntree sales communications manager Graham Walker. Limited editions often pave the way to permanent editions. Standard two-finger Kit Kat already has a permanent orange variant in multipack format, and Nestlé has confirmed Kit Kat two-finger Mint Milk will be a permanent variant in multipack format. Kit Kat Chunky Orange has the same 30p rsp as normal Kit Kat Chunky. Nestlé plans major support behind Kit Kat this year, with a £15m marketing budget for TV, radio, consumer and trade press advertising. {{MARKETING - P&P }}