Tim Palmer Discounter chain Kwik Save has kicked own label out of its drinks aisles and ordered the return of big brands. The radical revamp has included re-evaluating the role of the brands on the fixture and revising the fixture itself. Commercial director Nigel Broadhurst said: "Beers, wines and spirits in Kwik Save have not been reviewed or changed for a number of years and we realised something needed to be done." The result was an analysis of every line and the redevelopment of the section from a branded perspective. "Every product now has to have a reason to be there and we have allocated space strictly according to profitability and rate of sale," said Broadhurst. "As a result we have cleared out a lot of secondary and tertiary brands." In the vodka fixture, instead of a mix of brands own label and tertiary products, there are now just three styles ­ Smirnoff, Grants and Traitors Gate. The same applies to gin which has Gordon's, Holborn and Traitor's Gate. The Traitor's Gate brand is there as the cheapest on display. Broadhurst added: "The big message for the trade is we will be supporting big brands at the expense of own label and we are differentiating ourselves from other discounters by only stocking brands." {{DRINKS }}