A £1.2m promotional campaign has been planned for Dennis Publishing's latest PC leisure monthly magazine, PC Gear. The title will be launched in September, and represents a new market for the publishing house. It will be a multimedia launch with two versions of the magazine going on sale. One version with two CD-ROMs, and the other with a DVD-ROM. To support and extend the magazine's editorial, a web site will be launched simultaneously. The price of PC Gear has yet to be announced, but it will not be a 99p magazine, according to PC Gear's marketing manager Paul Smyth. It will reflect the importance the company attaches to the new title. The launch will be supported by instore promotions, flyposting and national press advertising, including Dennis titles such as Maxim, Auto Express, PC, PRO, Computer Shopper and Computer Buyer) and a network of internet advertising promotions. Aimed at 18 to 35 year old males, Smyth said the magazine will take more of a lifestyle approach compared to the usual style of PC magazines. "This is a new treatment for the marketplace," commented Smyth. "There is a new role for the home PC with entertainment, leisure and creativity outstripping business use. PC Gear will address this market directly, breaking the mould of traditional computing and leisure magazines." The migration of PC use from business to home has resulted in a mass audience with up to 33% of today's households owning a PC. The new Dennis magazine is designed to address this PC generation and bring a new angle to computing delivered via a totally different editorial treatment from other PC publications. {{CTN }}